How to Play the Best PUBG Game For Beginners

How to Play the Best PUBG Game For Beginners

How to play the best PUBG game for beginners – PUBG is a Battle Royale game where we’ll use this tool to fire and win. Not simply shooting regular shots, this game may be a bit challenging for those of you that are simply beginning, but this game is very interesting if you have actually mastered it, of course success remains in your hands. Therefore, I will give tips on how to play PUBG.

PUBG mobile itself is composed of various settings, from solo, duo to squads containing 4 gamers.

Here’s a review of tips on how to play PUBG mobile, from beginners to advanced:

Land at the right place

Such as in battle royale video games generally, you’ll be taken by an plane that will take you to an island that you could specify on your own How to play the best PUBG game for beginners.

The main key is that you make the right touchdown to appearance for tools and make certain your touchdown place isn’t approached by many gamers. Actually good luck and good luck, you need to do your best to begin a lucrative and easy game.

Instantly loot structures about you

After touchdown, you must instantly run to find structures to obtain battle equipment.

And take the items that are before you that you think are necessary, beginning with the best tools, ammo shield, clinical sets and various other upgrades, when you obtain a tool you better take it first, do not decide to choose at the very least for you. to survive.

How to Play the Best PUBG Game For Beginners
How to Play the Best PUBG Game For Beginners

Manage your stock

At the beginning of the game it might make you forget that you need to manage the items you carry in your stock, in this problem you need to arrange your baggage so that you could have more and varied items.

Discard extra items, such as shotgun ammo that you could use at the beginning of the game, you can change it with bomb items that may be useful at any moment.

Use the auto feature as needed

Because it was developed particularly for the mobile system, pubg android provides several features that make it easier for gamers to play.

Instances such as auto sprint, free appearance, and auto appearance to recover loot items immediately, of course with this feature you can be more familiar with your environments without needing to trouble getting items or holding back analog online switches.

Focus on protection items and take a clinical set

Along with the items over, you also need to take note of the degree of the bag you’re using, this is presumably because your bag has a restricted capacity.

My advice is do not bring too a lot ammo and items that you do not think are necessary, remember to increase your protection items such as safety headgears and vests, as well as prepare clinical sets, plasters, power beverages and paint killers in your stock.

Constantly take note of maps

PUBG Android will place you on a map through an island that will become a battlefield for 100 various other survivors much like the PC variation. Much like comparable video games, pubg is comparable, pubg mobile has map auto technicians such as blue area, red area and safe area.

Remember to shut the building door

When looting, the door of the building will be shut by default so it must be re-opened when going into, another service can be to enter through the home window, because all home windows in pubg are not protected with glass.

Run fast and use free secure
If you do not have a car yet, operating as fast as feasible is the fastest way to transfer to a risk-free area.

To accelerate the sprint, you better remove your tool and run as fast as you can with your bare hands.

Use the best tools inning accordance with the problems

When dipping into close quarters, you should use a tool with great damage such as a shotgun, after that for medium range use a sumachinggun and for fars away you can use an attack rifle or sniper rifle.

Actions such as this are very useful if the safe area has began to shrink and you can try the over actions for those of you that are new to the PUBG game and want to play in the best way.

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